Technical Drawings
Scale 1:50 
Casa Malaparte - Present Day 

Northeast Elevation
Longitudinal Section

Southeast Elevation
Southwest Elevation
Longitudinal Section 2
Northwest elevation
Cellar Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan

Topography / Site map
Axonometric view

Casa Malaparte - Libera's Original Designs

First Floor Plan


Below is a video of the interior of Casa Malaparte, as well as pictures that are represented within this video. This is helpful, as well as interesting, because Casa Malaparte is no longer open to the public and is now only reserved for serious study and cultural events. The property area is owned by the Giorgio Ronchi Foundation and the house is maintained by Malaparte's great nephew Niccol√≤ Rositani.(Source:Capri's Dream homes)

(top right: corrider lined with bookcases top left: reading room bottom left: study room bottom right: fireplace in master bedroom)

An interior view relative to the Floor Plan

Still taken from Le Mépris showing the interior living area and large windows


(top left: stairway leading up from the water level top right: view to the cliffs bottom left: view of Casa Malaparte seen from afar bottom left: view of Casa Malaparte and it's surroundings) (Source: Miller)

Sketches of the exterior

Sketches of the surrounding site

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